Radioactive Contraband is the fourth mission in CT Special Force 2 : Back In The Trenches. Stealth Owl had been informed that one of the spy satellites had captured Petra dealing in an illegal plutonium trade. Stealth Owl, aware of the possible ecological damages, set out on the subway to stop Petra. After fighting his way through the subway, he freed a captured police officer, who told the CT Special Forces some valuable info. Stealth Owl then stole 4 barrels of plutonium, enough evidence to prove Petra guilty at her trial. Soon after, Petra tried to kill him for what he had done. Se failed and fled, but Stealth Owl still had the evidece.


Mission 1: 7189 (When first going on to the roof of the subway train, go back on the roofs, at the end, there is a Flame Thrower with a unique paintjob. A possible test model.)

Mission 2: 7693 (Some grenades are placed behind you when the mission starts. The Sniper rifle is also used)

Mission 3: 8881

Mission 4: 4362


The Flame Thrower used is the only one used by Stealth Owl in the entire game. It also has a unique paintjob, hinting that it is a possible test model.