CT Special Force
CT Special Forces Cover

Full Name

CT Special Forces


12 July 2002 (EU), 2 January 2004 (NA)


LSP (Light and Shadow Production)


LSP (EU), Hip Interactive (NA)


Run and Gun, Action


Game Boy Advance, PlayStation

CT Special Forces is a run and gun video game for the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation developed and published by LSP (Light and Shadow Production) in Europe and by Hip Interactive in North America. It was released in 2002 for Game Boy Advance and PlayStation and North America in 2004 only for Game Boy Advance. It is the first title in the CT Special Forces series.

The game was well recieved for it's soundtrack, having been praised by it's music by some, but criticized by others for it's redundant gameplay.


Level 1 : Snow Covered Mountains, Located in Russia

Level 2 : The Arid Desert, Located in Somalia

Level 3 : The Hostile Jungle, Located in South America

Level 4 : The Forbidden City, Located in Europe


  • The weapons that the player can use (Flame Thrower, Assault Rifle) all utilize the same weapon model. This weapon is a possible submachine gun, and has these characteristics:
  1. No stock,
  2. "Banana" clip,
  3. Red laser sight,
  4. Colored light gray,
  5. Has extreme accuracy. (Long range sniping is done with it.)
Over all, the weapon has extreme versatility.